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The utilities industry has been in constant transition for years. But now, there’s a new wave of change like no other – the boom in renewable, off-the-grid energy technology and distributed power. The demand and mandate for energy efficiency and sustainability will only continue to grow. And now, an industry that normally “owned” the business-consumer relationship is finding that consumers are forcing fundamental changes through collective power and  bargaining.

According to Accenture, there’s a lot at stake. As adoption of these technologies becomes less expensive and continues to grow, utilities face a reduction in energy demand of up to 15%. In real dollars over the next 10 years. This means an industry-wide revenue loss between $18 billion and $48 billion a year in North America and anywhere from €39 billion to €61 billion in Europe.

Reliable operation of the grid, while satisfying customer and regulatory demands, is only becoming more complicated. This new reality is especially the case when you consider aging infrastructure and the increase of renewables and distributed energy resources. Nevertheless, staying profitable means increasing service levels and responsiveness. All resources and assets must be utilized wisely while ensuring quick and cost-effective dispatching, service, and compliance.

Simplify the transition with services from SAP

Services from SAP can ease the transition towards responsive and profitable, yet simple and transparent, operations. Our services portfolio for utilities is designed to improve energy procurement, make smart grids a reality, and meet customer expectations with responsible environmental resource management and personalized service.

How do we do this? Check out these sessions at SAPPHIRE NOW to find out.

Enhance Resource Availability Through Collaboration and Automation
Believe it or not, technology can help strengthen cross-organizational collaboration, increase maintenance efficiency, and benchmark achievement. Learn  how automated scheduling processes improve visibility into resource availability and how real-time communications help increase asset safety and reliability.

Change the Rules of the Game with an Integration Platform for Utilities
Capitalize on your investment in intelligent transmission and distribution systems to meet today’s energy challenges. Gain deeper insights by consolidating current and historical data from informational and operational sources on a single platform. Explore the solution from SAP and Accenture that leverages the power of the SAP HANA platform.

Ready to simplify your transition? Join us at SAPPHIRE NOW to discover how you can achieve this transformation without disruption.

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