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Hello Utilities Community,
The ASUG Utility Community Facilitators, Market Leaders and other community members volunteered at the recent SAP for Utilities Conference, held September 15 – 18, 2013 at the Hyatt Huntington Beach Conference Center. 
The conference was an overwhelming success, with ASUG leading several activities:
  • Facilitated pre-conference ASUG led roundtables discussing topics such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Mobility, and Enterprise Asset Management.
    SAP subject matter experts were on hand for each roundtable which were all well attended with approximately 50-60 attendees in each session.  Even though this was showcased as a North America conference, attendees were from as far away as South Africa and Macau.  Kudos and appreciation go out to the following facilitators:
    • CRM roundtable - Sue Daulton and Joan Ferch 
    • Mobility roundtable - Shachella James and Cathy Patterson
    • Enterprise Asset Management roundtable - Marc Rosson 
  • Conducted a strategic planning session with SAP Industry Principals to discuss alignment with SAP and how ASUG SIG leadership could reinvigorate current volunteer engagement.
  • Lead conference track discussions for Implementation/Enhancements & Roadmaps, Customer Engagement, Enterprise, User Experience, and Data Analytics.
  • Hosted “Birds of a Feather” breakfast and roundtables where customers who were unable to join preconference discussions had an opportunity to network with industry peers and engage in relevant technical and business-oriented conversations.
  • Welcomed attendees to Day 2 of the SAP for Utilities conference with the Community Facilitators sharing information about the organization’s mission, its vision, the North American community, changes in ASUG Headquarters leadership and gave tips and tricks on how to “opt-in” to the Utility Community via preferences and profile management.  As important as welcoming Abbe Mulders in her role as the transitional COO, the team also said farewell to Marc Rosson and transitioned his responsibilities to Jackie Robinson.

The team believes ASUG contributions to the SAP for Utilities conference were a clear value-add and appreciated by all attendees. 
Thank you, Janet (Grabinski), for this great insight to your valuable work in ASUG!!!
For more information, see or contact James Shachella or
Best, Susanne
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