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In an age of global warming, growing urbanization and increasing complexity, travel and transportation companies need to develop smart digital strategies. As such, T&T companies often implement innovations that the world has not seen before and we sometimes don’t lift our heads to recognize the great efforts being done to help the world run better.

Dig up your industry gem and share the value of your innovation with us! That’s why SAP has grabbed a shovel and wants you to grab one too. Let’s dig up the hidden digital gems together by sharing your #SAPInnovation story by entering the 2019 SAP Innovation Awards.

The Innovation Award is an opportunity for #TheBestRun customers and partners to showcase how they are driving innovation, making their business more intelligent and utilizing technology to make a difference. This year, Travel and Transportation customers and partners using any SAP product or technology to drive innovation are eligible to submit. Winners will be showcased at SAPPHIRE NOW and will benefit from promotional opportunities with SAP. Finally, up to $25,000 in charity donations will be awarded—just for submitting! Take a look at this blog for more details on the program timeline and prizes.

There are chances to win across several categories, one of them being the Industry Disruptor. The winner for Industry Disruptor will exemplify how the company has used innovation to disrupt the way the industry has traditionally conducted business. For example; establishing new business models, redefining a critical business process, or enabling strategies that break through existing boundaries.

What’s in for you?

Should you be the winner of the Industry Disruptor award, you will receive:

  • A special recognition for your company and your team

  • Exposure in select external communications and thought leadership channels

  • Exclusive opportunities to showcase your success with key SAP executives at SAPPHIRENOW in Orlando and beyond

Here are examples of the past award winners that are driving business value from unique approaches in their industry:

Tools Needed to Get the Job Done

All submissions except for the Next-Gen Innovator Partner submissions will be eligible for the Industry Disruptor award.  Partners that submit on behalf of a customer should ensure they have obtained customers consent to participate. Each entry will be reviewed and scored by a panel of SAP Industry judges. To ensure you stand the best chance of claiming the Industry Disruptor award, take note of the judging criteria and ensure your pitch deck highlights the following:

  • Use Case:  How is the entrant using SAP technology / products to add value?

  • Outcome: What business or social outcomes have resulted from the project?

  • Value: What business or social value has been realized?

  • Human Empowerment: How does the project impact the lives of individuals either inside or outside the organization?

  • Intelligent Enterprise: How is the company applying technology and innovative approaches to progress toward an Intelligent Enterprise?

Let’s Share!

We would like to hear your #SAPInnovation story! You can find more information on the Innovation Awards timeline and list of prizes here. For details on the judging criteria and category definitions, visit the Innovation Awards website.

The submission period is open now and all entries are due by February 8, 2019. Get started today and remember to join the #SAPInnovation conversation online.

For more industry-oriented Innovation stories, follow us on Twitter @SAPIndustries and join us on LinkdedIn.