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Innovation is a term that is often misused. But if you are truly innovating Business, it can disrupt not only your own industry and bring you a real advantage in competing with companies in your sector as well as others. Innovation is happening in each industry out there. Technology is here to help. Browsing through Forbes 2016 most innovative companies illustrates this, too. Marriott and Netflix are two examples of the services industries listed there. And, of course, there is no doubt about the disruptive innovation that Uber and Airbnb brought to the market with completely new business models.

Being innovative does not only include creating new companies, but also creating new business models within a company – e.g. building and owning bridges instead of only building and selling them to a city. Another example are airline companies turning into a retailer, enhancing their offers and extending the traveler experience to a consumer experience. Or you are connecting and humanizing “things” enabling them to identify and react to error messages. This will help to map demand to supply immediately – digitizing the transportation industry.

SAP Innovation Award

Innovation is close to SAP`s heart and a great way of helping our customers to innovate and helping to improving your business. If you are a part of the ‘innovation game’ with SAP you should be awarded. Take a chance and tell us your #InnovationStory by entering the 2017 HANA Innovation Award.

Every year, The HANA Innovation Award gives companies the opportunity to tell the story of how they help the world run better with SAP. This year, the scope of the award has been expanded and participants from any eligible organization leveraging any SAP Platform and Technology can enter for a chance to win.  Winners will be showcased at SAPPHIRE NOW and will benefit from promotional opportunities with SAP. Finally, up to $48,000 in charity donations will be awarded. Get more details on program timeline and prizes in this blog.


Innovating the Innovation Award – This is new:

This year for the first time there will be a special award - the Industry Disrupter Award. This new award will be presented to an entrant that shows how digital transformation is disrupting their industry by redefining how the organization creates value, interacts with customers and business partners, or changes the competitive landscape.

The winner of the Industry Disrupter award will receive:

  • A special recognition for their company and team

  • Exposure in select external communications and thought leadership channels

  • Exclusive opportunities to showcase your success with at SAPPHIRENOW in Orlando and beyond.



What is the criteria for winning?

All submissions regardless of track or category will be eligible for the Industry Disrupter award.  Each entry will be reviewed and scored by a panel of SAP Industry judges. To ensure you stand the best chance of claiming the Industry Disrupter award take note of the judging criteria and ensure your pitch deck highlights the following:

  1. Business value created: How does your use of SAP technologies provide the business with significant business value including new revenue streams or a distinct competitive advantage? Including KPIs as a proof point is encouraged.

  2. Industry disruption: Describe how your use case represents a disruption in the way your industry has traditionally conducted business. For example; establishing new business models, re-imagining an end-to-end processes, or creating employee strategies that redefine traditional industry boundaries.

  3. Entry Fit: How does the use case demonstrate creativity and business innovation through technology that drives significant value and disrupt their industry?

Ready, set, go!

For more information on the HANA Innovation Awards timeline and list of prizes, go here. For details on the judging criteria, track and category definitions, go here.

Participation period is open and entry submission closes March 17. Get started today and remember to join the #InnovationStory conversation.

For more industry-oriented Innovation stories, follow us on Twitter @SAPIndustries and join us on LinkdedIn.