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It’s clear that our lives revolve around internet access, regardless of the usage is for professional or personal purposes, the fact is that the internet is an important tool we have come to depend on. We all want a fast and reliable internet connection that is dependable enough to help us get through the day. We all want an internet connection that never goes down and is accessible on a 24/7 basis.

The internet allows us to connect globally, uniting everyone and allowing us to make the impossible possible. Therefore, before you decide to select a service provider it’s always wise to do research, but the thing about research is no one wants to do it and everyone wants to benefit from it.  So I have taken the liberty and highlighted some of the areas that you want to focus on before you have the installation technician come over.


The first thing that you want to look out for are data caps, I mean they are just lame and annoying. If you happen to be a Windows 10 user then you should know that there is no option to turn off automatic updates, which means your personal computer will continue to update itself. You can try and tell Microsoft that you have a metered connection and to only download and install the most vital updates. The most annoying fact is how the internet will cut off once you have used up your monthly allocation of data.

Payment and re-connectivity are simple enough, but not everyone has the funds to do so at all times. Having high-speed internet access on a portable mobile hotspot more than makes up for the higher-priced subscription charges, especially in the event that there is no other option available. Be prepared to monitor your usage, which means that you will have to be thrifty on how you get your data. Sitting down at your local Starbucks with a pair of headphones is a nice way to do so, thanks in part to their hotspot, which is offered free of charge. Regardless of the service provider, always ensure that there is no data cap.


The next aspect that you should be on the lookout for is the speed of your internet connection. You want to have a fast enough connection that results in an enjoyable experience when compared to the frustration of having a slow internet connection. Whenever any service provider quotes a speed, be aware of the wording. Speeds are always advertised according to the words Up To, therefore, pay close attention since you won't always be able to achieve the advertised download speed. You should also take a look at your actual requirements, a stable 4 Mbps internet connection is good enough for streaming and playing video games. Remember, you should always have the ability to increase your download speed according to your requirements. If you require a simple internet connection then 1-2 Mbps will be recommended for light browsing and accessing emails. Now if you happen to have multiple users in your home, then 25-50 Mbps per second may be required.


The next thing that you want to make sure of is the price that you’re being charged for the service is actually, in fact, the right price. Most service providers will offer you a promotional rate for 1-2 years where afterwards the cost will increase to possibly double the price. It may make sense to bundle the services together even if you aren’t currently in the market for cable or telephone services. At times, you may be able to secure a longer promotion for the same price as an Internet-only package by bundling the telephone service together. LocalCableDeals and other such providers that offer you a one-stop shop to compare and choose an ISP make it worthwhile for you to bundle the home telephone services alongside your internet services without any contractual binds.

Always be sure to inquire what the regular charges for the internet services will be after your promotion expires. Make sure to take into consideration that adding additional services makes you eligible for another promotion, which is just more value for your money.