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Are you still considering whether to attend SAPPHIRENOW? Join us and register here and be part of the experience!

We have so many new things to share with you at SAPPHIRENOW this year. 

It is all about reimagining your end-to-end business no matter which industry you are in – sports OR entertainment, and about how to use data and digitalization to drive decisions across all facets of sports and entertainment.

There are many reasons to visit us at SAPPHIRENOW on the Industries Campus:

  • We will have a great mix of entertaining customers at the event who will share their story either in the customer theater or at our demo theater.
  • We will share great demos at our demo station where you can learn about how to digitally transform the end-to-end fan experience to be able to engage fans and customers before, during and after events and at your venue, arena or stadium
  • We will have discussions with you about the latest trends of sports and how to benefit from the digital athlete
  • Last but not least: Coldplay will be live on stage at this year`s evening event - the same year they played at the Super Bowl 50

Join our customers that will be giving you great examples of how they do business:

  • Cirque du Soleil, one of our most exciting customers, is speaking about how they engage fans before, during, and after the performance.
  • IMG Tickets and SAP will demo the new scalable ticketing platform from SAP that uses the latest technologies.
  • The Adler Mannheim ice hockey team will talk about how they use their fan app to gain a 360-degree view of the fans, including purchase histories across ticketing and merchandise.
  • The Super Bowl 50 Committee and Phizzle will share demos of their innovations that engaged and incentivized the 10,000 volunteers that temporarily assembled to support Super Bowl 50 in 2016.
  • San Jose Sharks will speak on their use of CRM

In addition, there will be demos and presentations around creating value through innovation. On top you should make sure to visit the Customer Engagement and Commerce area showing you ways of how to transform the sales and marketing business and engage with new and existing customers.

To prepare for the event check out our latest videos on the digital athlete and the digital casino and see how to differentiate your sports and entertainment business of the future. Maybe you come up with new ideas when watching and we would love to hear about your view and ideas, and discuss them during the event.

Don`t miss the opportunity, to learn, engage and enjoy sports and entertainment sessions at SAPPHIRENOW.

Register here and check out our sample agenda.

See you in Orlando!