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Value only material(IS Retail)

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Hi gurus

How the process of value only article P2P cycle in IS RETAil,right from article creation to issue in stores

Pls help me to the significance of defining Inventory Profile and Revaluation profile mentioning at site level.

Pls help me to know ,and if u have any documents other than SAP HELP pls share it


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Hi Kumaran,

P2P represents as Procurement to Pay

Value Only articles are called as Article Type WERT

All goods movements for this group of articles are posted to the value-only article. The delivered price and sales price are updated, but not the stock quantity.

Business constraints often require further value-only articles to be defined below the level of a merchandise category and its associated merchandise category article, whereby a value-only article can only be assigned to one merchandise category. This type of value-only article is called a group article. A retail organization using store-specific, value-based inventory management can use group articles for inventory management purposes, as a finer hierarchical subdivision than a merchandise category article. For example, some articles in the merchandise category "Confectionery" can be merchandised by rack jobbers in certain stores but not in others. In this case, the articles merchandised by rack jobbers need to be posted to a different value-only article than to the merchandise category article associated with the merchandise category. In the fashion industry too, it is common practice to use "catch-all" cash register keys which represent value-only articles below the level of the merchandise category.

Group articles are created in Article Processing.

<b>With regard to Profiles</b>

When you create a new site master record, you have to specify a site profile. Site profiles are used to differentiate site categories (distribution center or store) and control maintenance functions.

<b>Inventory Management Profile:</b> The profile for value-based inventory management specifies whether and on which level value-based inventory management is defined for a Site. It specifies the following:

Whether the stocks in a Site are always managed on a article basis or always on a value-only article. Whether the stocks in a Site are predominantly managed on a article basis or predominantly on a value-only article. As an alternative to this rule defined on Site level, you can define rules for the Article groups assigned to the Site. (We should use Standard i.e. 0002 in general)

<b>Revaluation Profile:</b> The revaluation profile determines the procedure used for revaluating stock at retail. The revaluation profile determines:

(a) Whether the stock is to be counted before revaluation when the retail price of argicles change that are managed in stock on an exact article basis.

(b) Whether the total stock is valuated at promotion prices when stock is not subject to split-valuation.

(c) Whether stock is revaluated at retail when local markdowns are made.

(We should use Standard i.e. 1 in general)

Hope this info useful.



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Hi Muralidhara 

Thanks for your reply on Value Material . I need help to end to end config for creating Material as Value basis to how it revalue on retail price .We are maintaining article on MAP (V) but at revaluation would be on retails price . can you please help with steps