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Supplying plant per Site, not possible to add DC as supplying site to Store

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I need some basic Retail help. Classic setup, a DC should deliver to serveral Stores. The store should have the DC as a "Supplying plant", this is normally added on the Store master record using "Supplying Site" button. I have done this in training before and everything worked then. Now I have my own company code, sales organization, etc. and now I can't get this connection to work, something is missing.

Im getting the message: "Supplying site 7500 cannot deliver to any of the site distribution chains. Message no. WN055"

The error message is understandable, but I can't find out what Im missing in the IMG?. My DC is named 7500 and my stores 7501 and 7502.

In the IMG I have setup the following:

"Assign Distribution Channel to sales orgainzation": My SO is added and all possible Distribution Channels are there

"Assign Sales Organization - distribution channel - site": I have added my stores with the Distribution Channel for the stores. I have also added the Distribution Channel for the DC. I have tried to add all different combinations here but nothing seems to help.

"Distribution Chain control": My distribution channels are added and connected to the SO

Is there something im missing here, probably I do. Is there some more places in the IMG where I need to add some data?

Hint: If you google on: "SAP WN055", you will receive one hit, it seems like a Russian guy have had exactly this problem but when translating this case (rus -> eng) I can't not really understand the solution given

Thanks in advance



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Hi Fredrik,

What's your distribution channel for DC --> Store?

(You could go to WB02 find it in the DC)

Have your stores been extended to this distribution channel (sales area) as a customer?

WB02 check your stores --> customer --> sales area data

Do the 'Extend' if necessary.



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Hi Frederik,

please check the following settings:

- Transaction WB02 for the DC - Button Distribution channels - site on "Organization / Calender": here you should assign your new distribution channel.

- Tranaction WB02 for the Stores - as Steve mentioned, the sales area data of your stores must be extenden to the new distribution channel.

- Check IMG - Logistic General - Basic Data Retail - Distribution Channel Control: your new distribution channel should be marked as Distribution Channel for Distribution Centers (Distribution Chain Category).



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Thanks for your answers

It seems like I missed to add the DC as a Sales Area for the Store. This was not clear to me and I also had problem to find a way to add it. Then I found the "Extend" choice in the menu.

When this was added I was able to add my DC as a supplying site on my store. So from that point of view my problems are solved. Thanks.

But I still think the error message is a bit strange. I have not change anything to my distribution chains. The DC still only has the channel "Distribution" added to itself (when checking the button). The Store still only has the channel "Store" add to itself.

Should any more chain/channels be added to either the store or the DC to avoid problems in the flows further on?



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Thanks guys, Im satisfied with the answers. Im closing the thread and sending you your points.