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SAP Retail:- Cross Docking for Non-SLS articles

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Hi all,

I am just wondering if cross docking is possible in case of non-SLS articles.

Suppose the article has PC( pieces ) as the order unit and CAR( Cartons) as the Delivery/Issue unit. Incase we use Stock transport order to generate a Collective PO, the unit in STO comes as CAR where as the unit in CPO comes as PC. When the distribution profile of the article indicates cross docking, the same thing happens. However when we get the articles at the DC in PC, we need to pack this into CAR when distributing to stores. I am talking about non-SLS articles. I am confused whether this can be called as Cross Docking at all?

Please help me with this doubt.

Thanks and Regards,



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Hi Aravind,

Cross-docking: The goods are brought from goods receipt directly to goods issue without being picked or repacked.

The merchandise is posted to a cross-docking storage location. Outbound deliveries are then generated. The goods do not need to be repacked because the vendor delivers them in individual packages per recipient.

In the case of cross-docking, the merchandise is prepacked for all recipients by the vendor before it is delivered and then simply reloaded.

Distribution is adjusted according to the goods receipt quantities and the outbound deliveries are created for the stores or customers. You can make the appropriate settings in Customizing to enable the distribution of merchandise to be adjusted automatically when the goods receipt is posted .

The SLS is technically an additional with its own article master. This service is assigned to all the articles that are to be prepacked by the vendor and is connected to the procedure for additionals '0005'.

Hope this info will be usefull.



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Hi Murali,

Thanks for the information. But could you please elaborate it a bit.

My main doubt is if its a non SLS article with different order unit and delivery/issue unit, the unit which comes in the vendor PO is as in the order unit. However if we create the Warehouse orders, the unit comes in the delivery/issue unit.

Since the vendor PO is in the order unit, it means that it is not packed and its a non-SLS article. If it is not packed, how can it be cross docking as in non-SLS articles there is no field which distributes it to Stores. in case of SLS articles, there is an SLS tab which has the info pertaining to stores.

Please tell me if my understanding of cross docking is wrong.

Thanks and Regards,