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SAP Retail : Article Master Data Transfer using LSMW/ARTMAS05: EAN Error

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Hi Bjorn Panter,

I want to thank you for providing very informative articles on the Master Data of ERP Retail.

We are currently loading articles to SAP from legacy and use your articles on ERP Retail as part of our knowledge warehouse.

We have encountered an error which has stumped our conversion.

We are getting an M3 535 error stating that "First specify the main EAN for the unit EA". We are using LSMW (IDOC Method, Basic Type ARTMAS05).

Our MARM segments have generic and variants. The UPC and UPC category (set to UC) are filled for the variants and blank in the segment containing the generic.

Our MEAN segments contain variants only with the UPC and UPC category (set to UC) filled.

Our UC EAN category is configured with a blank check digit algorithm and a number range of 12 digits. We are loading our variants with EANs that are 12 digits.

When debugged IDOC_INPUT_ARTMAS, I noticed that :

In routine MARM_UEBERGEBEN (in function module BAPI_MATERIAL_MAINTAINDATA_RT), this code clears our MARMX indicators :


ART_DATA_EXISTS = 'X'. "JH/05.01.00/4.6C Entkopplung der MALG


>>>> this checks if our function code is 003 (which is a delete).

* TMFIELDRES aufbauen


>>>> Since we are doing a create, it clears the indicators in unitsofmeasureX

To bypass this clear, I debugged the program and overlayed the indicators and marked UPC and UPC category as 'X'. This worked and we were able to post our IDOC successfully... THe UPCs showed in the MARM and MEAN tables.

However, knowing that there are a lot of Retail companies loading articles into their SAP system, it would seem odd that no one has reported this as a bug or no one has posted this issue in SDN. I could not find any OSS note related to this issue either.

Can you please help us figure out what is wrong ? Have you encountered this error in the past ? Is there something in config that we should check ? Should we look at fields in our segments ?

Any help from you would be greatly appreciated.




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Product and Topic Expert
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Dear Sarah,

please open an OSS customer message.

Put in a valid IDOC ARTMAS number with this error and open your system.

I guess either it is a bug in IODC structure or you found a bug in software.

My colleages will take care.



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Thanks Bjorn.

We found out that our ALT_UNIT and ALT_UNIT_ISO were missing in the E1BPE1MARMRTX segment.

When we entered the UOM in these two fields, it resolved our issue