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Sales Interface - Omitting Discount and Tax - Implications on POS-DM

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We have a tight timescales of implementation, so we want to keep the interfaces as simple as possible.

I have 4 questions to the experts.

1. The current sales interface from the 3 rd party POS to SAP includes a lot of logic around VAT and discounts to apply the appropriate discounts and tax to the supplied item values. As the new to be created Interface can supply the gross value after discounts have been applied and SAP can determine the amount of VAT given this gross value and the article VAT classification. It was suggested that the sales interface could operate without the discount and VAT information.

1. Question here is:    To determine what are the implications in

SAP POS DM  and the downstream processing, such as WPUBON IDOCs to ECC, would be of omitting discount and VAT data in the sales interface? 

2. We need to determine whether we need to create two POS DM transaction item rows for a void transaction or can a void be done in a single row?

3. For the Tender element of a transaction, what is the implication of the means-of-payment subcategory being set to A or B?

4. For the totals interface, it was suggested that the Tender totals data in the current interface is is not used and therefore does not need to be mapped  in the new interface. Will this not affect the downstream POS DM processing?

Many Thanks & Regards for the quick response!

Ida Grever


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Hello Ida,

Removing Discounts and Tax information from the interface does not have any implication on System but it can affect your reporting if there are any reports to analyze the sales based on special discounts given during promotion. My response to your questions are below:

For point 1, the POS can still send the discount information using Discount types in POS DM. So if there are any reports in POS DM to analyze various discounts given on the store. If there are no reports, this should be OK. Again in SAP, if there is not discount, your gross amount can be directly posted to SAP. Tax (VAT) can be calculated in SAP using a tax condition type in POS Inbound pricing procedure.

For point 2, to the best of my knowledge, void can be sent using single row. But I would suggest let other POS DM experts revert on this.

For point 3, Assigning or changing the sub category also will not have much impact as this field is used for classification purpose for your tender types in case on category is not enough. Here also I would suggest, let other POS DM experts revert on this.

For point 4, this should be OK not to send the totals to POS DM unless you have a specific reason to post them in SAP.

I hope this would help.



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Hello Amit,

Thank you for your response.

It will be quite helpful if i could hear other comments/feedback.

Thanks & Regards,


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Adding to Amit's response.

Point 2 : You are voiding item means you are not selling it (Customer is not interested to purchase it after you have scanned).

This indicates the total sold quantity to be zero. Either you can ignore such items completely from receipt if you are not using them for reporting or you should create items in such way that total quantity and amount should go to ERP and other systems as zero.

Point3 : Subcategory is mostly used for reporting purpose.



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Hello Vikrant,

Thanks for your response.

Just to clarify:

What the implication of the means-of-payment is, if the subcategory is set to A or B?



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Hello experts,

For my clarity and confirmation could you please let me know

1. If we remove Discounts and Tax from consideration in our interface (hence export from 3 rd party POS and remove the logic that Back Flushes Discount and Tax? (Tax being created in ECC when the WPUUMS document is processed)

2. Does this mean that the 3 rd Party need not to do any further development for the Line Void and this can be handled as a single row in our interface  and interface logic? (Currently we deal with positive and subsequent negative row.

3. on the Subcategory we already have set to "B" in the change Scenario.

    Are there implications to changing it or, should we leave it as "B"in the Change Scenario and ensure we keep that piece of logic in the interface build or remove it?

We need to be very clear in order to minimize effort.

Many Thanks.

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Hi Murtaza,

For point 1, Yes, the tax can be calculated in ECC when the IDoc is processed. If you do not need any visibility for type of discount, then removing the same from interface should be fine. I am assuming the POS will give amount after discount.

Yes for point 2. Best way is to ignore those transactions and do not post them in ECC.

Subcategory is for classification and reporting purpose so there should not be any implication.

I hope this will help.