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Promotion Condition (VKA0) Not Created after activation

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We currently activate promotions using WAK5 and WAK16. On WAK5 you can see the status of the sales price condition is set at B, however the VKA0 condition is not created.

In the process we perform supply source determination 45 days before the promotion start date (this is done for F&R) and we activate the promotion 5 days before the start date (this is done for our POS system)

What could be the cause of the VKA0 condition not being created?



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Hi ,

Would be good if you can write the step by step activity done .

However in absence of such steps - can you please check if cost price exists for the article-vendor for the time span where you are trying to create the Wakpromo..

Make sure the article is listed ...

Make sure it has a proper assortment list type...

Make sure its the regular vendor as well...

Kind Regards


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Thank you for the reply:

We perform the following steps

1) user enters articles in WAK2 and this can be done up to 6 months in advance

2) we perform source of supply activation using a Z program

3) 5 days before promo start date we perform activation using a Z program and the standard program - the standard program does the activation and the Z program calls our POS outbound program

4) when activation takes place, the program checks listing; the article has a regular vendor and prices

5) this creates the sales price condition in WAK (Sales price condition B is set)

it's in step 5 that we find the condition is set, but the actual price condition is not created and usually after a few attempts of activating using WAK5, is this then created.