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MRP Run - Purachase Requistion with Item category "Blank" - Intercompany

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Hi Experts,

I am executting MRP Runfor Article "A" for Plant 1000 in Tcode MD02.

Material A in Plant 1000 always procures material from Plant 2000.

Plant 1000 and Plant 2000 belong to two different Company codes 1000 & 2000 respectively.

when MD02 is run, system is generating Purchase Requisition for material "A" for Plant 1000 with Item Category "U".

In case of material transfer betweeen 2 plants belonging to two different company codes, system has to geneate with Item Category "Blank" i.e, standard but it is creating with item category "U".

Can some one suggest what needs to be done to get Purchase Requisition generated with Item category "Blank" i.e, standard.

Any Input is highly appreciated.

Thanks and Regards,

Selvakumar. M


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Its a Standard Functionality and we cannot change it