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IS Retail - mySAP Retail Store Management

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I've been searching for documentations about mySAP Retail Store (Management). I tried searching but only found two documents that can help me. Some just mentioned the term but did not explicitly explain it. I need to know how it works, it's technical architecture, requirements, if it's customizable, how it is different from the SAP Gui, and it's benefits. From the document I found, it says that it has an "offline buffer" where the user can still use the system without being connected to the main SAP Retail system. Retail store can just connect to the central system to update transactions made. I wonder if I understood it correctly.

Hope you can help.




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Hi Aenn,

The following URL will help you to understand the Retail Store functionality :


The customizing for Retail Store can be found in the customizing :

IMG -> Logistcs-General -> SAP Retail Store

The application is based on ITS technology. Requirement is that you should install SAP Retail. Retail Store comes along with SAP Retail. The difference from SAP GUI is that the application is accessed using browser.

I am not sure which document you have read.

The link for SAP ITS is :