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execute listing function from BAPI

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I' m creating article using bapi 'BAPI_MATERIAL_MAINTAINDATA_RT'. Views being created are BASIC Data, Listing and Store.

I'm also assigning a listing procedure in the BAPI for each article.

My questions is regarding 'EXECUTE LISTING' functionality from MM41/MM42 trasnaction. Post execution of BAPI, I need to go to MM42 and do 'EXECUTE LISTING' from the listnig view and save the article for the article to get listed.

I want to list the material in all stores assigned to a distribution chain.

If I use transaction WSM8 then I need to specify individual stores and run the program for them.

Is there a way to trigger automatic listing while creating article using BAPI to simulate the 'EXECUTE LISTING' button from Article Master maintenance screen? Or there is a program which will allow me to run listing for a distribution chain? WSP7is for 'VALUE ONLY ARTICLE'. Any other TCODE?



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please try tcode:WDBI_HPR

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Hello Deyi,

when I use this transaction, it needs an assortment profile.

I want to have a simulation of MM41/42 EXECUTE_LISTING function which uses the listing procedure and does a listing for the distribution chain. I'm using listing procedure '99' which does not need anything else.

Can I execute it from outside wither via a transaction or BAPI?

As a short term measure, I have coded a BDC to MM42 which triggers 'EXECUTE_LISTING' and nothing else.

Any help will be appreciated.

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I does the listing thru IDOC listing.

It work fine with me.


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what is the IDOC-Type, Message-TYPE?

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Sorry, it is a function module that I am using.  

      call function 'LISTING_COND_MAINTAIN_DARK_RFC'


          upd_mode                        = w-function

          p_create_change_document        = 'X'

*         P_WSOR_CTRL                     =

          no_commit                       = ' '




          tab_wlk1                        = i_wlk2

          amatnrerrdat                    = i_errdat .

You will need to populate the site that you wished to list in table i_wlk2.

Hope it is useful to you

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Hello Gitesh,

I have not used but know that you can list non-listed articles using function module -


Also the basic type Idoc for listing is LIKOND01.

Let me know if this helps.

Best Regards,



the Ideal FM to list with an Assortment is WRF_MAPINB_ASSORT_LISTING_RFC

Arindam Das

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I have a question why you need to listing per individual store? Because I think you can create general assortment, then you input your all site and MC in here. So when you run wsm8, you choose this general assortment then it's updated for all store.