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Two sales price for one article

Dear All, I have a scenario where one article can have 2 sales price for different uom for exampleArtilce A   EA 1$Article A   CAR 8$ (1CAR=12EA) What is the best possible method to implement this Thanks Shabu.

Resolved! Unable to create Collective PO

Dear All,Please help me in the following scenario where I am not able to create the collective PO.Config and settings done:1. Under Log General -> Merch Distribution -> Site Profile For Merchandise Distribution and Distribution Profile For Article in...

Resolved! SAP SRS Sales Order and Delivery Enabeling

Hello Gurus,Can you resume the costumization needed to activate the sales functions for SRS in SPRO?At the moment I don't have that option in SRS and I'm not sure if ABAP development is mandatory for this.Either way, the ideia is to user sales dcumen...

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Article creation issue

Hi Friends,there is scenarion of Ice is mix of milk, syrup and water.Milk, syrup and mater comes from vedor, but they sell as Ice Coffee with some price.How to create this in reatil system.Pls provide some tips and steps to create master d...

In-Store Merchandising and Inventory

Hello,I've activated business function ISR_RETAIL_STORE_3 which shoud activate de scenario for In-Store Merchandise and Inventory management. Problem is, except for some help entries which are related to EHP4, very little is said about it. I can't ev...

Download MVKE changes via WPMU

Hi there,We included some of the MVKE fields in custom segments within WP_PLU idoc. We need to be able to trigger this article via WPMU when changes are done in MVKE.So far specific MVKE fields have been included in BD52 for Message Type WP_PLU. When...

Resolved! Retail Site customer deletion

Hi experts,I have created a site in using WB02, while configuring the customer by mistake i entered a wrong data and it got saved.Is it possible to change the customer data or delete this assignment?Thanks,Arya

IS-Retail: Create Inforecord

Hi,i have to create an Inforecrod for an existing article in an IS-Retail system. Is there any BAPI to do that? I saw none.So the best option seams to read an existing inforecord (eina, eine) and wirte it again to the database with a function module....