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Resolved! Batch Management in SAP Retail

Dear Gurus,We were trying the configure the batch management for a group of article,We have assigned the article to the class type and class in CL24N, But when we try to create the batch in MSC1N, it is throwing an error,Article xxxxx is not handled ...

Resolved! MM42 how sales price calculate

HI:on MM41/42 when I enter the purchase price and click sales view. SAP calculate Final Price automatically.Is SAP looking for priceing procedure and how? or what logic to calculate this price?Pls advise.

Login to BW and SAP retail

HiIf we using BW and SAP Retail at the same time. Should I login individually ? I reml.ember from previous project, I only login once, then I can access BW and Retail. Pls advice the steps to set this up?Also what is in store MIM? ThanksJC

Resolved! Local and general assortments

Hello Friends,                     I need a conceptual answer with examples. Assortment Category C? Is that the customer is an external customer or internal customer? Assortment category A and B is for the Store and DC for which we maintain Master da...

Resolved! iDoc Segment for Comparison Prices

iDoc segment E1WBB19 is outdated and deactivated (see transaction WE60).Consultants before me have replaced with iDoc segment E1WXX01 > FLDGRP=MARA, FLDNAME=INHAL / INHBR / INHME / VPREH. Though it works, it doesn't have a logic as described in SAP n...


I am trying to get better knowldage about Markdown Management. Someone can help me to get documentation about Slow Seller Management.Where I can find this functionality. It comes in the ECC or is a different software.

the material 1785 does not exist

i created new material through mm01 , it showed material 1785 is created , but when i going to view this material using mm02 or use this material in any other application , it shows material does not exist or it is locked by sapuser.please check atta...

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