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Purchase Price Determination in VKP5

Hi.My client is starting to use Tx: VKP5 in order to calculate sales price for all stores and transfer to POS.We have condition AUFS (mark up defined for all the stores). When we execute VKP5 for materials that are buy to local vendors, the purchase ...

Replenishment Process- MRP Run Issue

Hello Friends,I have a set up a Material for RO process and with a Material with MRP Type as RE (Standard)RE: Replenishment (Retail)With MRP Procedure: W (Replenishment (IS Retail)Planning Mode:1 (Planned by external system)we have set-up multiple Ma...

Resolved! Assortment create type

Hi :everytime  I create general assortment WSOA1 the default category always be can I create general assortment for type A (store assortment category) pls

Resolved! PO based load building

Hi Team,Can somebody explain to me how to use the PO based load building functionality in SAP. I would like to know the way it is used in SAP ECC 6 and the tcodes and customization associated with itRegardsNevin

Data Set not written in PI/POSDM

Hi,We are currently testing the new POS System and have just identified that a data set is missing. We would like to understand why it is not written into POSDM. We are close to going Live. Any help will be highly appreciated.Thanks!

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