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Seasons v/s Listing

Hi,Assume1. I have an article assigned to season =FALL with delivery dates as  01/01/2017 to 31/02/2017. 2. The same article is listed for a wholesale customer from 01/01/2017 to 31/03/2017.3. Season determination is switched on for Sales Order Docum...

RFC call to use POSDM sales data

Hi All,The below question is for reference as we are not having the scope of technical analysis.Does the FM - /POSDW/SALES_QUERY_RFC read the /posdw/aggr & /posdw/aggr01 tables while fetching the data. If yes, then does the Processing Status of POS A...

Resolved! One client for S/4 Finance and IS-Retail

Hello,Today we use two systems for each ECC6 and IS Retail. We have interfaces between the two ssystems.We plan to use the same system for S/4 Finance and IS-Retail.Have you seen this type of configuration and we are looking for advice for this type ...

Resolved! WPUKSR IDoc

Hi,What is the task used to generate WPUKSR IDoc from POS DM.I don't see any standard task provided by SAP for this in POS DM configuration.If any one has used it earlier please share your inputs.Thanks,Vikrant.

Variant MM42

FolksThe requirement from the business here is to hide a few screens, tabs & fields from the MM42 transaction, while maintaining article & site data.This may be done using screen variants in a transaction variant. Do we have a better option other tha...

Resolved! Site creation with reference site

Hi,I have created a new site in SAP-Retail, now i do not remember whether i have used a reference site or not. Now I want to update the reference site in that already created site. I have tried many t-codes but could not find the solution. WB02 is no...

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