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Configuration of POS DM in SAP BI

Hi,I work on SAP BI. POS DM is an add-on to BI.I had some questions here:1. Is the configuration of POS DM done by a SAP BI consultant or a Retail Functional Consultant?2. The data from POS DM flows to SAP BI as well as SAP Retail. So, do the retail ...

Vendor Consigment in IS-Retail 6.0

Hi there,Has anyone used the new vendor consignment functionality in IS-Retail 6.0? We are currently on 5.0 and cannot transfer the vendor consignment stock between stores. From the help documentation it appears this will be added in 6.0. I am hoping...

Resolved! Article Hierarchy Number

Hi all,How many article Hierarchies could a company code have. We need one Hierarchy and everything would go under it or thinking of creating 40 - 50 hierarchies.Awaiting for your responce!Thanks in advance.Regards,George


Hi experts, (1) I know what are the settings to get RIMIS0 to VKP00..When i run VKP5 the final retail price is going to sit in VKPO condition type.My doubt is where we find this condition type VKPO in which pricing schema.(2)...

Resolved! one article two different price?

Hi Experts Can we mention two prices for One Article for same Sales organization ,distribution channel , site division ? (e.g. in store there is two article one article they want to sale at one price say $ 1 and another article they wan...

Listing in SAP Retail

Hello,We have 5 different distribution chains in our Retail system. The materials that I need to extend and list have already been extended to 3 out of 5 distribution chains in the past. We do not want to extend them to remaining 2 out of 5 existing ...

Assortment Management

Hi Experts,Can someone tell difference between Assortment Module & General Assortment.I Know the difference, articles are assigne to assortment module & users assortment are assigne to General assortment. I am asking this ques coz most of places it...

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