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Resolved! iTime Clock - Workforce Management (WFM)

We are using WFM and iTime Clock. We have the ITC interface for punching but would also like to provide the same functionality (to clock in / out) through a POS system. Does anyone have any options on how this could be done in WFM 3.0?I note that t...

Business Work Place - Listing errors

Hi,Whenever we do the listing of articles, if there are any errors in the articles, then system throws some express documents (error messages). If we are running the listing activity (eg: wsm3 etc) in foreground then we get these express documents as...

kumarg5 by Participant
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Resolved! packaging industry

Hi experts,It's the first time that I participate SAP project related to packaing industry. Would you plz provide the information concerning packaging industry, especially SD module? Plz help. Many The customer sells wooden carton & paper ...

Retail:Support project role

Hi experts, I am in "support project" now.I know how to create article (MM41).After creation of article when and where i will find the IDOC for article (WP_PLU01).After finding the IDOC number of the artilce what i have to do.I want ...

Resolved! Store Status/Closure

I need some help understanding what is the best way to handle store closing. Scenario A - We do not want DC or warehouse to ship to the stores that are to be closed. The store still has some inventory where they will either be sold or transferred t...

Resolved! Purchasing Orgaization

We are adding a new brand to SAP. There has been a discussion if the new brand should use existing Purchasing Organization or create a new one. The 2 brands will be under the same Company Code.What are the advantages and disadvantages of setting up...

Inventory Recount

Hi Experts,I have a scenario wher e I created a PID and sent it to 3rd party for counting. Once I post the count, while analysing the difference, I realize that some count are not correct and recount some of the articles.Is there any way to enter the...

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