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Payment TErms Determination

Hi,I would like to determine the payment terms in the Billing Document, Please note that the Billing Docs will be posted by IDOCS (REtail Scenario) ":-Scenario A:-Customer A + Article A + Store A :- Payment Terms 30 DaysScenario B:-Customer A + Artic...

Resolved! How to Delist the Articles

Hello Friends,Currently m having many entries which are usless in MARC table. I wanted to remove that entries from the MARC table cuz that useless entries occupies 250 GB of the space. So please suggest if anyone have some ideas.Thanks

Resolved! POS inbound price calculation

Hi SDN Guys,I need to do price calculation for the weighted artivles EAN starting with 21*.As per my knowledge the sap does some calculation ;ie weight /sap standard price.but we need to conisder the Weight/SAP standardprice(per plant) { I think we n...

Triversity POS Data Export

We have a client that is a small grocery store in Hawaii using Triversity POS. SAP no longer supports them.We are trying to export the data so that they can get on a new system. Is there anyone out there that can help us with that?

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