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Availability Report in Retail

We need a report similar to CO09 that allows us to run multiple articles or by site what is available (NOT on hand) in a site. Is there a standard report in SAP? I have checked and seemed not to be able to find out. Is this a custom development? ...

Maintain Storage Location in IS Retail

Hello everyone,I'm newbie in IS retail... i want to ask about storage location in DC or site... if we create DC and store, we can't transport it with tcode stms, but we must transport itu using wbte tcode... my question is i want to maintain storage ...

IS-Retail STO from Store to DC

Dear Experts,I need some help from you, actually as I check in configuration in SAP-IS Retail system tell that we can not set STO from Store to DC. system propose to set as STO for return instread. And this cause many issues. So, as I wondering that ...

Pricing for wieghted articles

HiHow do we maintain pricing for weighted articles at store, like customer buys vegitables- ABC - 1 kgs, XYZ - 2 kgs, how to setup this, vegitable normolly wieght check at POS point and then displays prices based on how much it is.regardsSatish


HI1)How to create promotion for single store, we can enter site group but there is no field called site,2)How promotion condition records get created for condition type - KA02, KA03, I know we can activate pricing in WAK5, but how do you know which k...

Purchase Order Quantity in Case Pack

Dear SAP Guru,We have maintained Base UOM, Order UOM, Selling UOM as EA (Each). We have also maintained another UOM as CP with appropriate Conversion. We are creating the Order in EA and we want to see the Ordered Quantity in Case Pack UOM to cross c...

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