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SAP商务智能仪表盘设计大赛 - 我的参赛作品 Retail Channel 请投票!!

Retail Performance Dashboard (Retail Channel)Retail Channel 是一种时尚与整个大中国地区的商店零售公司。本面板之间呈现直管店及出口特许经营店铺比较每个省的对公司收入的贡献。What-IF分析让公司调整对收入的贡献指标的零售店铺的目标。Retail Channel Dashboard

Resolved! User exit for WSE3

Hi,The article disconituation is working fine.We had a customised application running along side the article master.Is there any User exit that will allowed me to check the custom table during article discontinuation.This is to make sure that the art...

Picking Storage Location

Dear SAP Guru,We are in Retail Business and we have Warehouse in different state on India. For the same article we have defined different storage location for different warehouse/DC. We have defined Picking Location in WMS through validity area.While...

Message No. C1821

Hi,I am getting an error in MM42 Basic data view, for any article of a particular MC.The error is : "Inconsistent characteristic value assignment"Message no. C1821If it is a generic article, then when I press the 'values' button to see the characteri...

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I want to learn SAP IS-Retails Implementation.So i would like to know what is basic requirment and if step by step guide. what are the pro n cons there to learn sap is-retailsI am a post graduate in Commerce.Please suggestRegardsVidya

Resolved! WP_PLU vs. WBBDLD

Hi experts.I have a trouble, I am implementing a Best Practice Retail.At integration of POS and POSDM, in the XI module, the best practice suggest IDOC WBBDLD Assortment List, to update articles changes.I have a lot experience using IDOC WP_PLU for d...

Sales Order Dates

Hi, I am trying to create a sales order for delivery on 25.12.2010 (Christmas Day)The system gives a warning messga V1 019, saying No goods accepted on 25.12.2010. The next possible date is: 29.12.2010When I press enter, the sytem continues to create...

Promotion Smoothing?

Dear ExpertsI noticed that in the article master Logistics: Distribution Center and Logistics: Store view, there is a promotion smoothing indicator.I ticked this indicator for the DC and I am expecting the following results:- Promotion created for st...

Resolved! POS Xpress 9.5 & Send Keys

I have a deployment of POS Xpress 9.5 that I am attempting to get a simple script to automate the running of a manager code operational for. However the software does not respond to SendKeys "" as such. It does attempt a keystroke in place of enter....

Mass Maintenance for VKP5

Hello SAP Experts - I need some help to see if anyone knows of a mass maintenance function for VKP5 on two particular fields.1) The first field is the delete prices at site level indicator check box (KZPBL). Is there a mass way to "select all" the ...

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