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Margin Split for Bonus Buy

Hi ExpertsIs there a standard way of handlinge margin split / allocation to article used in a bonus buy. For instance, when a customer buys a laptop they can be given a bag for free. However, in my current scenario business what to split the margin p...

SAP Promotions - Bonus Buys

Hello Experts,I seek your expert advice in the subject matter for retail promotions.Bonus Buy: As SAP Standard, itu2019s not possible to implement Bonus buys in sales order and only possible through POS, How the bonus buy scenarios be determined in ...

Cancel PO after the Validity Period

Hi Guys,Can anyone help me in solving this issue.My issue is whenever the PO is crossing its validity period the PO should be Canceled I mean no GR should be possible for that PO.For eg for every Purchase group which is based on the business categori...

Returns to the Vendor

Hi guys,Can anyone explain the difference in vendor return process.I mean doing a return delivery by Creating a return PO, Doing Outbound delivery with 161 movement type. And the other one by creating a Return PO, Doing a MIGO with 161 movement type ...

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