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Resolved! Two days price need in Assortment Idoc

Hi All, Change pointers activated which we are sending Assortment data via T-code WDBU_HPR, nightly job sends the Idocs WBBDLD of tomorrow’s Article changes including tomorrow’s Retail Price. Now I want to send tomorrow’s retail prices as well as...

IS Retail - Season of article

Hi, I'd like konw in wich way it's possible use the Season of article master data in Assortment procedure. I think that an article definied with season = Summer, during winter doesn't active in assortement. It's correct? I've configurated customiz...


Hello Everyone, Price catalog created with idoc PRICECATALOGUE in S4 HANA. While using w_sync to edit/display the catalog getting error 'migrate your old data in order to use this transaction'? As there is no old data,why this error appears?Did...

Resolved! Retail Calculation Schema Setup for VKP5

Hi SAP Gurus, can someone help me out on how to set up the calculation schema for the Sales Calculation in VKP5 for a Retail System. For the Purchasing side it is working but i dont know how to Set Up the System so it takes the calculation schema...

Listing generates MVKE entries

Hi all,We have 3 different companies into one system with 4 Sales Organizations, listing is only required for one the sites of one of them.When I execute listing, the MVKE entries are generated not only for my Sales Org. (where it is supposed to crea...

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