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Adding extra fields in article master

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Hi all,

I need to add a few fields in article master(mm41) like author,publisher etc related to books in is-retail.I hadnt found out any badi's or screen exits on this,and i tried eewb transaction and IMG settings also,please advice me how to proceed ?

Thanks in advance.

Best Regards

Javeed Ahamed


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Hi Javed,

You can consider other option of maintaining author,publisher related to book information in Dummy Fields of Article Master in Basic Data View -"Basic Data Text" or "More Basic Data" tab.


Selvakumar. M

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First should always be to reuse any other available fields of article master, like in Basic Data View -"Basic Data Text" or "More Basic Data" tab.

If that does not satisfy the purpose then go for customized solution.

Anyways for customized sol. please follow this.

Please conside OSS note 44410 and IMG notes Logistics->Logistics Material Master->Material->Configure Customised Material Master.

Online Maintenance.

1. Add fields to append structure ZAEMARA.

Use data dictionary maintenance u201C SE11.

2. Generate table MARA.

3. Add fields to view MARU and generate.

Use data dictionary maintenance u201C SE11.

4. Create new sub-screen or add new fields to screen SAPLYMM1 9001.

Use Screen Painter u201C SE51.

Change flow logic to add fields to field: statement and to add any validation required. Generate screen.

If this is the first time additional data has been added to material master it will be necessary to create a new function group and associated programs. See Configure Customised Material Master paragraph Requirements.

5. If new sub-screen, add to Customer main screen.

Transaction OMT3.

Double click on u02DCStd industry sequenceu201D.

Choose customer screen and Details.

Change the first occurrence of 0001 (blank screen) to new screen number.


Back arrow.

Click on Transport button and choose required transport.

6. Add new MARA fields to table T130F. (in each client)

Use Transaction SM31. (make a copy of another ZZ field by typing over existing name).

Add to transport manually:- R3TR TABU T130F + individual keys.

7. Test Material create, change, display.

Batch data take-on.

1. Add new fields to structure CI_MMH1 and activate.

2. Activate BMMH1?.

3. Run RMDATING u201C Both options.

4. Change program YMM1001A to output new fields to BMMH1 from spreadsheet.

Live procedure to update material master with new fields.

1. Create spreadsheet of new data containing material number followed by data for each new field.

2. Save spreadsheet as tab delimited text file. Suggested name c:\temp\matrix.

3. Run program YMM1001A to read file output in 2 and create file for input to Sap standard material update program (RMDATIND).

The output filename must be the same as that expected by RMDATIND.

To check this use SM30 -> V_FILENAME -> Display -> Choose MATERIAL_MASTER_BTCI -> check value of Physical file. This can be changed if necessary using Maintenance mode.

You can check that the output from YMM1001A is in the correct format by running RMDATSHO. This is a display program which reads the same input as RMDATIND and displays it in a readable format.

4. Run RMDATING: This program generates code and only needs to be run once regardless of how many times the dataload is run.

5. Run RMDATIND: Sap standard material batch update. Can be run in check mode first by checking box u201C Check data, but do not update.

(Check value of running with BMV0? instead of online).

Hope it helps.


Anirban Roy

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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There is a small difference between Article Master and Material master.

Do not try to follow the Material steps in Article master. The impact is crucial.

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Hi Javeed,

Please follow what Björn says.

He is right.


Anirban Roy

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Thank You.

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Hi Javeed,

U can add details of article in Basic data / basic data text