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How can you create highly personalized offers tailored to your customer’s shopping context?  In other words, make it timely, relevant, right now, and make sure it is truly appropriate to where the shopper is and what they are doing.

It’s not always what you know, it’s who you know. And today, there’s no-one you need to know better than your customer. The winners in today’s competitive retail marketplace are those that really understand their customers and can inform and influence their behaviour in real time at the point of decision.

Creating instant connections with your customers is very powerful - and this power is now available to retailers. Today you can deliver personalized offers to shoppers when they’re in your store that they can take advantage of there and then. And you can do this across multiple channels.

The interactions that follow will add to your understanding of your customer’s shopping context, giving you the opportunity to increase customer satisfaction and increase your revenue.

You can even tailor your offers using location data. So for example, if your customer is approaching the beverage section of your supermarket, you can make a timely ‘you may like this’ suggestion with an offer tagged on. This could just as easily be an offer on power drills in a hardware store.

The way to do this is with the SAP Precision Marketing solution - a new cloud-based enterprise solution, powered by SAP HANA. Retailers can influence consumer shopping behavior at the point-of-decision by delivering highly impactful one-to-one personalized offers in real time across multiple channels.

See the solution in action. Watch the video now: