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SAP Retail Text?

  The SAP lexicon is fun. Similar or same words commonly describe different things, and different words describe the same or similar thing. As such, speaking precisely requires effort, if not blind faith. This is particularly true in SAP Retail, w...

The Retail Store of Tomorrow

Despite some experts' predictions of decreased relevance for brick-and-mortar retailers, the physical store is becoming an important aspect of retail again. However, with the rise of online shopping and e-commerce, traditional brick-and-mortar locati...

Setting up Purchase Order Release Strategy

Purpose of the Release Strategy The procurement department of a company consists of many buyers who are responsible for buying goods from the market. There is a hierarchy of people  like the operator or the buyer who creates the order and purchasin...

amit_tunara by Active Contributor
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SAP Retail for SAP (non-Retail) Experts

SAP (non-Retail) experts often encounter skepticism when joining an SAP Retail project. If that’s you, then you’re likely thinking:  Hey, I’m an expert in FI, IM, MM, SD, or whatever. How much different could “Retail” be? You got this, right? Well,...

Is Listing Mandatory in SAP Retail?

Listing in SAP Retail and Fashion is a pain point. After coming to grips with the art and effort of assortment management, you’ll find that execution of Listing is performance intensive. Maybe problematically performance intensive. Sooner or later, ...

Listing - How does it work?

A. Prerequisites - SAP standard VS SAP IS Retail1. In SAP standard, you need plant view definition to process PO or movement of the article on the plant (like good receipt, good issue).  Plant data on the article master data need to be maintained.Tec...

yohan_b by Explorer
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Creation Of Collective Purchase Order

In the retail Business process Collective Purchasing documents are used to combine the Store requirements supplied by their Distribution Centres.WF10 Transaction is used to create Collective Purchase Order.Process Flow :The Process One Collective Pur...

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