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Why no any records in FMIT(FM total) table.

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Hi experts:

It is totally a new SAP go-live project.

Our system: SAP ECC 6.0.

we use Former budgeting;

Update Profile: 00101;

During carrying forward process, I use T-code: FMJ2 to carry forward open commitments but

was prompt: No open items to be carry forward found. After checking, both table FMIOI for FM Commitments,

and table FMIFIIT for FI docs contain the right FM value. But, FMIT(Total) table no any records found! That is why

FMJ2 prompt that message 'casue it searchs FMIT for carrying forward calculation by debuging.

Then, by ruing ABAP: RFFMRC04 and unchecking "Test run", the system show me the difference between line items and

table records for FM, but it still can't solve my problem, which is to make FMIT have the correct entry.

Thank you vey much in advance for your kind help!

Best Regards.


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Please, specify your problem... Don't you have records in FMIT at all or you feel that certain records are missing? Please, run transaction FMF0 in production mode.



P.S Why do you use Former Budgeting in a new project and not go with BCS?

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Hi Eli:

Thanks for the reply.

I mean no any records at all in FMIT.

-- SE16->FMIT->Number of entries is "0", though FMIOI and FMIFIIT contains data.

I ran FMF0 in production mode, but prompt message, asking to refer note 360667.

Checking the note, but looks like it doesn't meet to my question.


The reason why we not go with BCS is that actually our senanior is not complicated.

Only expense but no revenue covered --- we have no AR and no need BW implemented.

After evaluation, we think former budgeting is enough for us.

Thanks again. Any idea regarding this FMIT thing?

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Sorry, I meant to say FMAF transaction (I'm just working on payment selection in my project, and that's why I wrote about FMF0 )

You might be required to run RGZZGLUX report first, as if you have no records at all in FMIT, this could be the solution (see note 977016).

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Thanks veyr much. Eli

FMIT successfully generated records after process per note 977016:

"Start the RGZZGLUX report to generate missing source code in FI-SL. Then start the RFFMRC04 report to reconstruct the totals, now another run of the report should no longer display any errors".