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Using Value Type to limit posting in FMIR - but problems with POs

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We are testing using FMIR value types to lock users out of certain processes at year end. We have tested Purchase Requisitions, Travel Commitments, Funds Reservations and Purchase Orders and all seem to be working fine except POs. In the first three, the user gets a hard stop message that  Period 012/Fiscal Year 2013 for payment budget not open for FM posting in value type XX. This is what we want and expect.

However, for POs no message is received. The PO processes as ordered in SRM and replicates to "some" tables in ECC (we are using extended classic scenario). The MM tables (EKPO, EKKO, EKKN, etc) are updated with the PO. However FMIOI is not updated so no commitment is reflected. So the system is allowing the document to post but not updated the FM tables.

When the FMIR Value Type control for POs is removed, the transaction posts correctly by updating both the MM tables and the FM tables, so the problem is specific to adding this.

Any suggestions or advice is appreciated - thanks.



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Please, check out OSS note 1112484.



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Thanks Eli but this note pertains to deletion of items or other modifications that result in the creation of FM value for the related shopping cart in closed periods. I am having the problem at the creation of a new PO - I have FMIR set to not allow value type 51 to post in FY13, but the system is still allowing the SRM document to be ordered and all ECC MM tables to be updated, it is just not posting the FM value. It should throw an error that no postings are allowed and not allow the PO to be created - just like it works in travel, purchase reqs, etc.

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Hello Robyn,

Check the Financial Transaction value in the commitment item master data being used.

The Commitment item with financial transaction 50 do not update in FM.

So correct the financial transaction and use the appropriate value in case it is presently updated as 50.



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Value type 50s are purchase requistions, which do update FM for us. Purchase Order post with value type 51.