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USFG Activation leads to Budgetary ledger requirement

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We are on EA-PS SAPK-60508INEAPS

We have activated Federal Government solution to utilize FMFEE functionality. Looks like budgetary ledger gets activated and becomes a requirement. We are not using budgetary ledger and not sure how I can keep federal government solution active and not use budgetary ledger.

Any help is appreciated.




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Budgetary ledger is a US Federal requirement.  Is there some other way to get the functionality desired without implementing the Federal solution ? It would not be a good thing if BL was decoupled from FM within the US Fed Solution.

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Hey Phil,

You are correct that it would not be a nice thing to decouple BL from FM within USFG. But it may make sense for Non-Fed customers, like us, to delink BL if we dont use BL in our FM. But I agree its bad news for Fed customers and I am sure, since BL is a required functionality within USFG, decoupling will not be possible for Federal entities.

Just an update on this link : SAP is working on a pilot note to get this functionality to non-federal customers.

Thanks for your input.