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TPSU10 - TPSU10 Public Services Academy

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Hello All,

I am planning to take the course (TSPSU10), the only Academy course which SAP offers for Public Sector. Its course description says its a bootcamp, even though I meet the essential and recommended pre-requisite requirements and have FM experience, but still hesitant as it leads to a certification upon completion.

I am seeking advice, good or bad experience. If anyone has taken or planning to take this course in the future please share any feedback and recommendation.

Thank you in advance.



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I know only the course in ECC 6.0 called WFRIPS of january 2008

Best regards


PSM-FM Consultant


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Hello Fatima,

I attended the Public Services Academy in November - December 2007. My experience has been primarily as an end user. I met the basic prequalifications for the course.

The course is essential for anyone who is working or will be working on a public sector implementation. This cannot be emphasized enough.

Best Regards,


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Hi Patrick,

I am registered to attend the December 2008 Public Services Academy...Can you share any of your experience of the class? Was it what you expected? What was your previous knowledge/experience with SAP? Is it really a "bootcamp" type of class? Any other pointers? Any information you can provide would be appreciated. Thanks.