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Settlement Sender Receiver Fund Center

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Hi Gurus,

I've assigned order settlement (KOAO) under 'Integration with Cost and Project Controlling' for purpose of settling of internal orders to WBS element. The relation between internal orders to WBS element many to one. For example OR1 which is mapped to FC1 and OR2 is mapped to FC2 are being settled to one WBS element. I would like that fund centers from the sender and the receiver be the same so I don't want to derive the fund center based on the receiver object but the sender should supply it. However when I test the fund center is not transferred from credit side (orders) to debit side (WBS element). Am I missing something? In internal order settlement can the fund center be automatically populated from the sender or it requires to be explicitly be derived from the receiver.

Thank you.


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Hi Cyrus

You need to write a sepeare rule to derive the receiver fund center, it would not derive automatically from sender line item.  Fund center will be derived based on the object of either cost center, IO in your scenario.

But in case if cost center maintained with same in IO and WBS element then, you can derive fund center in both sender and receiver line items without maintiang separate rule. 

Correct me if any thing wrong on this



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Have you tried creating an exception in the WBS > FC derivation rule for the CO Transaction KOAO?