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SAP PBF Loading Budgets

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I am a Budget Analyst, and new to SAP. Our company is in the process of integrating a new SAP Netweaver ERP system (we never used SAP before). We are scheduled to go live in 5 months. My question is we are looking for the best solution to upload our Operating budget to SAP. I have seen the templates, but they do not seem user friendly to what our Operational people are used to seeing. We also have a timing issue, as our Go Live date will only provide us with a month to prepare our budget.

Our intergrator has told us that infomration entered into the Test environment cannot be rolled over or transferred to Production,which was our initial plan to have people begin to enter data prior to go live, but we are being told we cannot begin to enter data until after Go Live date. Is this true, and is there any work around to enter budget data prior to Go Live date?

Thank you for your help and advice in advance.


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You have not clarified whether you will use CO Planning or CO Budgeting or Public Sector Management - Funds Management to manage your budget.

If you are using CO Planning or Public Sector Management - Funds Management you have the option of creating the budget in Excel and uploading it to the system.