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Morning everybody !

Can I make a case locator for RMPS which take to do a search my attribute profile for a Case ?

I'm not sure i'm clear, well i know i can make a search using case locator with filters like case type,

date, etc ... i've created a header attributes profile for a case which have name, amount, account.

How can i set to my case locator that attribute profile ?

Thanx in advance !


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i've been trying to make that and YES WE CAN !

If u wanna set up a Attributes Profile for a Case Locator:

step1: transaction: rmps_customizing

step2: navigate to CASE > Create attibutes profile for case locator

step3: create a new profile and set the table for attributes, what u before created for ur attributes.

Thats all !!

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The profile DEMO does not have any Table Name. Wich Table Do You use for in your case??.

May be a copy of this table name


Another question:

This profile is assigned in which part??


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This Attribute Profile is assigned while we create the Case Type.

Case is based on Case Type and without a case type we cannot create a Case.

There are few steps in customizing Case:

In that Creating Attribute Profile is one major step because the Attribute Profile refers the Case Attributes.

Create a table in SE11 named ZCM_CASE_ATTR with Various Fields. Create Data Elements and activate. Create fields in the table and use the above created Data Elements. Save and activate the table. Maintain Technical Settings in SE13. Set the values for Data Class and Size Category. Save and activate the changes made.

In SE11, goto Extras- >Technical Settings -> Enhancement Category (Can be Enhanced (Deep)). Table for Case attributes is DONE.

While creating the Case Type you need to select the Attribute Profile created by you. Then the elements in your table get reflected in the Header Part of your Case.

For any other queries reply back.