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Report Painter_Variance analysis

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I am using ECC 6 and Ehp 7. There i required one custom report which shows Variance budget and variance %.

I copied the standard report painter 4FBUDCON and created the Zreport named "ZBUDG2".

Std.Report gives you the following fields

Consumable Budget   Consumed Budget    Available Amount    Current Budget   Commitment/Actuals

How ever, we added two more columns such as

a) Varaince budget = Consumable budget - consumed budget and (by using with formula)

b) Variance % = Varaince budget(a)/Consumble budget*100 (by using with formula)

After defining the above formulas i saved and executed the report. But report is not showing the a&b columns.

Please help me on this.


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I guess, they are simply on the next page

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Hi Eli,

Thanks for your reply,

Incident was raised after checking the next page...but i could not find



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Well, if the columns are on the layout, then they should be shown. They may be empty, but present. By page I mean not scrolling down, but going to the right with navigation arrows. Try re-generate the report, if it is sill not there.