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Reference customers with Company codes linked to FM area and company codes without

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Dear all,

I have a customer who is already and SAP customer with funds management active who would like to know if SAP has references of other governments (estate, regional or local) where funds management is active but, at the same time, you have company codes active where no fm impact is customized.

I have explained them that this is technically posible, but they insist on having any live references for this configuration. Thanks in advance for your valuable cooperation.

Do you know any customer live with this configuration?.

Thanks in advance for your valuable cooperation.

Regards, Noemí


Active Contributor
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Hi Noemí,

What will they do with this reference? Try and contact them and validate what exactly?

I do know several governmental clients with this constellation, but I won't be sharing this info without knowing what your client expects precisely. In my opinion, they have to be informed and aware of all possible impact of such configuration, for example, inability to have proper cross-company postings in such a scheme, but eventually they should look at their own needs in this regard.