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RACCT not found / Message no. K9806

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Budget Planning in T-Code FMPLCPD. I've copied standard layout SAPFMPL02 to applied with my FM Masters (no Grant & no Funded Program).

When I use the layout with Entry_Free option the layout can be overview to be able to input the planning amount. When I use the layout with Entry_Form-Based option there is the error message below.

RACCT not found

Message no. K9806

How could I use Form-Based option to selection Commitment Item in range?

Is it related to Variable? I use the local variable (same as Standard Layout).




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Please, run GLPLINSTALL transaction; it should dissolve the error message.



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Hi Ton,

Please make sure that the table FAGLFLEXT is set up as "tables which can be planned" in transaction GLPLANZ for your planner profile. (Financial Accounting (New) > General Ledger Acconting (New) > Planning > Define Planner Profile)

If GLT0 is showing there as default then you still need to run GLPLINST for FAGLFLEXT.

Please follow the steps described below and see if the problem can be resolved.

1. Run transaction GLPLDEL:

Deletes all generated reports of the planning processor for FI-GL/SL planning (application class GLU1). After a new call of

the planning, these reports will be generated once again.

2. Run transaction GLPLINSTALL:

It regenerates necessary database table entries for FI-G/SL Planning

I hope this helps.

Best Regards,


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Hi Vanessa

I tried run GLPLDEL and GLPLINSTALL. The error message no. K9806 still occurred when I go to planning layout.

In the SPRO Path : Public Sector Management>Funds Management Government>Budget Control System (BCS)>Budgeting>Budget Entry>Planning>Define Planner Profile (GLPLANZ). I can add only "FMBDT" in Tables which can be planned.

In SPRO Path : Financial Accounting (New) > General Ledger Acconting (New) > Planning > Define Planner Profile (GLPLADM). I try add table FMGLFLEXT. However, I still use the planning layout under "FMBDT" table.

I had ever used my planning layout in the new planner profile to plan the budget. After I copied layout "SAPFMPL02" and amended to be aligned with the current design, the error occurred.

Is the error related to the planning layout with Formula? (Now, I removed this planning layout but error still occurred also.) Should I check with PCA planning or any related FI/CO module?



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This issue is resolved with 2 below steps.

1. Implement note no. 1500953, then note no. 1599850. (This help to use Planning Layout with Set/Group in the initial screen.)

2. FI team help to unflag "Cumulative Plan Data Entry Is Active" in the below SPRO path.

Financial Accounting (New) > General Ledger Accounting (New) > Planning > Activate Cumulative Plan Data Entry for Balance Sheet Accounts