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PSCD - Grants Management with CRM

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HI all, I hope to get a reply to my questions regarding grants management in PSCD.

We are currently processing all payment from PSCD. payment data is fed by the feeder mainframe system. All BP and CA are created based certain criteria from the mainframe system. Our company has decided to implement CRM and to utilise grants management functionality. My question is what are the things I should be looking in for example.

1. creation of BP 2. creation of contract account etc. As already we have the config in place what are areas i should be lookin in for conflicts.

Please advise.




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We have a PSCD system, as well as grants management handled by CRM.

However, I'm not sure exactly what your question is?

We use the PSCD system as the source of truth for BPs, contract accounts etc. So you can keep things the way they are. You just have to set up middleware (BDocs) to replicate these objects to CRM.

All payments are also handled in PSCD.

Does this answer your question?


Paul Bakker