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Park fund reservation

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Hello dear experts,

According with the park fund reservations, I find the problem that when I post a park fund reservation the budget is not consumed, the systems just consums budget when I post the fund reservation as a real, not as park.

The systems should consum budget also when I post with park status and now is not working in this way.

Thank you very much for all your help.



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Dear Garzon,

Please check the SAP Library for Funds Management:

<a href="">Funds Management</a>

See chapter:

Funds Management-Specific Postings /Processing Earmarked Funds /Document Entry Functions: Whole document.

At that point there is a link to 'Park document' features, there you can find all about Park functionality.

Although the SAP Library may not always provide the answers we look for in a few minutes, it is a really good start point...

I hope this helps

regards, Mar.