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override update profile in Funds Management

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We have implemented the Funds Management for our client , we have assigned the update profile : 000102 where the budget check happens basing on the posting date.

There is a business requirement in which for the Purchase requisitions(PR) & Purchase orders(PO), the budget check need to happen on the delivery date.

To achieve this we have done the override of update profile: 000102 , where in for value types 50 & 51 we selected the delivery date and PB-Encumbrance Tracking as FY- Based

We have implemented the above functionality In production system on 16th November, 2014. We face a peculiar problem, the details are as below:

There are a number of open POs which are created before 16th Nov, 2014 and which has a delivery date in year 2015. For all these POs when we try to post the Invoice with posting date as current (in year 2014) the system is checking for the budget in year 2015 and not in 2014.Due to this error we are not able to post any of the invoices for these POs.

For the POs which are created post 16th Nov, 2014 the invoice postings(in year 2014) is happening fine and it is consuming the 2014 budget.

Please help us to identify the root cause of the above error.

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Unless I miss something, but system's behaviour looks correct to me. If FM year is determined by delivery date, then invoice is trying to consume the budget from 2015. However, the commitment of PO is still in 2014, because at the time of their creation, FM year was not yet determined by delivery date. What you have to do is to carry-forward commitments of these PO's to 2015. In this way, the commitment will come with the budget to 2015 and invoice won't consume supplementary budget.