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[oData] FormBundles TRM: No GetEntity method and FormData missing

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I imported the standard oData Services for the Public Sector which came with the corresponding BAdi.

1. When calling for a specific FormBundle - FormBundles(' FORM BUNDLE ID ') - I get an exception. The GET_ENTITY method has not been implemented. When going to SE80 and into the corresponding BAdi CL_FMCA_MC_ODATA_FORMBUNDLEHDR there is no GET ENTITY method. Is this function not included in the BAdi? Why not?

2. When listing all FormBundles for a specific Account I get no FormData. All other values such as FormBundleID, RevenueType  FormBundleType etc are present, except the FormData field, which is empty. How can I output the FormData? It should be included in the standard implementation, shouldn't it? The forms a filled in the backend.

Thanks a lot!




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Hi Albrecht,

thanks for your answer.

The function import GetForm is available in SEGW under DataModel -> Function Imports. GetFormData is not. How am I able to import GetFormData?

When I try to call GetForms?FormBundleID=%FORMBUNDLE_ID% (Placeholder contains my FormBundleID) I get the Message: "Ressource für Segment 'GetForms' nicht gefunden // Ressource for segment 'GetForms' not found".

I tried to call GetForm?FormBundleID=%FORMBUNDLE_ID% and I get the error "invalid function import parameter". The FormBundle ID is correct. Is this because I only provided the FormBundleID?

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Hi Niklas,

no activation is needed. What MCF support package version have you installed.



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SAP_BASIS 740 SP 0005

SAP_GWFND 740 SP 0009

IS-UT 600 SP 0018

IS-PS-CA: Release 617 SP 0003

FI-CA 617 SP 0003

UMCERP01 604 SP 0004

IS-UT 600 SP 0018

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If I rememer correctly, we renamed the function import name in SP05. In order to be use the latest version, I would suggest to upgrade UMCERP01 to SP07 which is the latest released SP

Best Regards,


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There is no option to output the form data without the update?

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Please sent me ( some contact details  and we can discuss via phone what we can do here!