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No commitment when create PR from MRP

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Hi SAP expert,

I create PR convert from planned order (PR from MRP). I found no commitment item and funds centre on the PR number. It means no commitment update in FM through PR created from MRP.

How i could handle it?




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Hello Dewi,

In order to fulfill this requirement, transaction FM_MRP_PR should be


Please take a look to FM_MRP_PR on-line documentation :

The PRs generated from the MRP run are considered as planning documents

and do not have any impact on the budget. To encumber these PRs in the

corresponding settlement receivers, you have to execute this program fo

the relevant PRs.

kind regards


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Hi Mar,

Thanks for your response. I executed the tcode, however always "No data selected".

I wonder why. I input the correct parameter. Could you have suggestion ?


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Hi Dewi

(per documentation of FM_MRP_PR):

This report derives the suitable account assignments as follows:

Depending on the derivation rules maintained in the system

As per the warehouse funds center settings

From the corresponding project or sales order, if this is project stock or sales order stock

I am not sure about your current release, but first please activate the trace for FMDERIVE and run the transaction again, to verify that a valid account assignment is determined

kind regards


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solve by implement some notes

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As you are speaking about Stocked material process in MM you need before to configure in FM the warehouse concept (SAP gives 4 options) in rder to have account assignments elements FM in your PR.

Read carefully the concept and do the configuration.

After you run your MRP you don't see FM data. Yo have then to run the tcode that gave you Mar Novalbos and it wil be ok.

best regards


FM Consultant