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Migration to FMGLFLEXT

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Dear experts,

my customer has upgraded to SAP ERP 603. Now they are using RFFMS200 enhanced function for payment update in FM. If they want to use online payment update I've read that they have to add EHP 4. A prerequisite for online payment update is using New G/L with document splitting with three charachteristics - FIPOS, etc.

But if they want to activate this do we need to perform some migration to New G/L or for the purposes we want to migrate (online payment update) it is not necessary? Because I saw some Migration guide for New G/L but nothing is mentioned about Public sector and besides they don't want to make balance sheet by fund or grant, just use it for the online payment update.

And also, will table GLT0 be still updated after New G/L activation unless deactivated?

Thank you in advance,



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with EHP4 it is possible to migrate from S200 to online payment<BR><BR>

There is this information in the<BR>


Recording actual and commitment data -> Integration with financial accounting -> Payment updates -> Online payment updates'<BR>



Enterprise Business Functions ->Accounting->Public Sector Management -> Funds Management ->PSM, Funds Management 2<BR><BR>

There is also Note 1030497:<BR><BR>

4. Migration to the new general ledger<BR>

General information:<BR>

In SAP ERP 6.0 up to and including Enhancement Package 3, you have the

following migration options:<BR><BR>

o Migration from the table GLT0 (classic general ledger) to the

table FMGLFLEX*=> Creating balance sheets/P&L statement for each

fund or grant condition: Introducing document splitting<BR>

- If you decide to use the FAGLFLEX* table framework in the new

general ledger (for example, because you do not require Funds

Management, but you use CO intensively), you can also migrate

from GLTO to these tables.<BR><BR>

- CAUTION: Tools for the changeover of the background program

RFFMS200 (enhanced function) are planned only as of

Enhancement Package 4. However, if you are planning a

changeover to the online payment update and you want to

migrate to the new general ledger from a lower Enhancement

Package, you should activate the document splitting

characteristics FIPOS, KNBELNR, and VOBELNR (that are required

for the online payment update) during the migration to the new

general ledger (even though the actual changeover is possible

at a later point in time only).<BR><BR>

o From fund accounting (=> Fund Accounting within a special ledger

environment) to new general ledger accounting (see Note 1163997)<BR><BR>


For SAP ERP 6.0 Enhancement Package 4, we plan to support the following

other migrations:<BR><BR>

o Asset migration in fund accounting This function supports

the implementation of fund accounting for asset accounting if you

implement the new general ledger accounting at the same time.

This primarily involves the asset mass transfer with which the

fund information and the balance carryforward transfer from the

asset accounting for each independent accounting unit is added to

the asset master records. This creates the opening balance sheet

for the asset values for each fund.<BR><BR>

o Changeover from the payment update into Funds Management with the

(background) program RFFMS200 (enhanced function) to the online

payment update<BR><BR>

o Subsequent introduction of a cash ledger<BR><BR><BR>

I hope this will help you<BR>



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Hi Mar,

thanks for the information. One more question, is New G/L a prerequisite for using BCS (without using the online payment transfer)? If it's an old customer who uses Classical G/L and wants to migrate from FB to BCS without activationg the online payment transfer, do they still need to migrate to New G/L or Classical is Ok?

Thanks again,


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Hello Tony, New GL with document splitt is only requiered to use online payment update in FM.

It is not necesary if you plan to migrate from FBS to BCS.

Regards Cesar

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Hi Mar,

The explanation you give as references the note 1030497 in the "(Even Though the actual changeover Later is possible at a point in time only)." SAP does it mean when it speaks of a "later point in time only "???? This is the time??