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Migration to BCS with activation of funded program

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Dear experts,

I have the following issue. I'd like to do migration from FB to BCS of totals records but also I'd like to activate funded program. I've read the documentation for migration very carefully and it says there that no new master data should be created before the migration 'cos some incosnistencies may appear. Does it mean that I can activate funded program after migration is done?

And also since some funds will be replaced by funded programs, is it possible to transfer balances from those funds to the corresponding funded programs (WBS elements) and also transfer budget from old to new account assignment objects? Or there is some better solution?

I'll be very grateful if you can help me with that.

Thank you in advance.




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Indeed, I would recommend to migrate first, and then, if you want to add some master data, you can do it after the migration. Then, you can transfer the budget + reassign the documents to the new master data.