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Invoice posting Error

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Hi Experts

While posting of invoice document (T.Code MIRO) I got the below error message;

"Posting date/period 27.09.2011/006 is earlier than existing date/period 29.09.2011/006'

Message no. FI_E050


Commitment postings to Funds Management require that the current transaction's posting date is earlier than the posting date of the original or change account assignment line item of the document.


Ensure that the FM customizable date is not earlier than the original or change account assignment posting date.

Add/Change the FM customizable date using the following link: FM Customizing Date

We are activated, Period Based encumbrance tracking for open and closing the necessary posting periods through FMIR T.Code, without activating this we cannot open particular periods (Ex: From period 06 To Period 06) and be default all the periods will be opened. I have also red the information on period based encumbrance tracking.

Because of activating the Period based encumbrance tracking we got the above error message and unable to post invoice document. If we give invocie document as 29.09.2011 then it will allow for posting of the invoice.

But client is not accepting to give the posting date as 29.09.11 and he wants to post this invoice by giving date 27.09.11.

Kindly suggest how to resolve this issue.

Thanks in advance.



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Hello Rao,

With PBET active, changes are recorded in a chronological way.

For instance, when an Invoice is posted, the system records the corresponding reduction on the reference PO. Such reduction cannot be posted on a date earlier than the PO original date. This means, for example, if you have a PO with delivery date 15.09.2011, and you are using a PBET update profile based on due/delivery date, the system will not allow an invoice posting on a date earlier than 15.09.2011 because of the PO reduction (it cannot be posted before the original date).

The long text of FI_E050 explains how to proceed. Please first check the reference PO to see what date should be posted at.

Kind regards


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Dear Mar

Thanks for the quick and valuable support,

I would like to inform you that, we have activated PBET based on the posting date ( not delivery date) and PO created is 26.09.11 and PO delivery date is 26.09.11.

And also I would like to know the information where this 'FM override update date ' (FMOD) gets updated. Means in which table it is stored and what is the use ?.

Generally in every business Business transactios (invoices) will be posted with future date and past dates also (based on the FI posting periods open).

I have checked the exit EXIT_SAPLFMFA_004 and not able to find out the solution.

Kindly revert with your valuable inputs for resolving this issue.



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Hello Rao, thanks for clarifying.

So, we have this:

A PO dated at 26.09.2011

Now, you wish to post an invoice at 29.09.2011, which means "in the future", however the system is attempting to record the PO changes (commitment reduction) with today's date (sy-datum). Hence the error FI_E050 occurs because the Invoice date is higher than the Po reduction date.

You may wish to check the documentation in the online help_


You could maintain the desired update date by either entering t-code FMOD (note that the date entered here will affect ALL FM relevant postings made by the specified user)


by activating user exit EXIT_SAPLFMFA_004: in this exit, you can return flg_display_panel = 'X' and then the users will get a popup allowing them to enter the desired date.

In my opinion these options should be applied in few cases when postings in a future date are really needed.

Hope you will find this information useful

Kind regards


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Hi Mar

Thanks for the support and valuable information,

We have activated the exit and we are getting that POP UP screen to enter the PBET date.

But it is impacting on Reports points of view and also after MIRO invoice posting if we post Subsequent Debit it is revesing already posted invoice amount also ( Amount type 600 and 650).

We need to check the complete impact on this.

Thanks for the entire support and guidance.



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Hi Rao, you are most welcome.

Yes changing the posting date with either FMOD or with the user-exit will have an impact. I would still suggest to review your business processes and avoid postings with "future date" as it contradicts the PBET logic..

I think that would be a better approach. Hope this advice will help you!

Kind regards


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Hi Mar

Thanks alot for your valuable inputs,

Yes correct, I agree your words and aslo we have activated one more exit i.e, at the time MIRO invoice posting with un-planned delivery cost sytem needs derive budget period object based on the derivation rules. Generally this cost will be consumed from PO created budget period object. But as per our business requirement we are using this exit.

Because of these two exits the reports are showing in a differnt manner as said earlier.

Thanks for your guidance and support as usual.


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Hi KTP Rao,

Could you please share the solution related with FMOD?

Because I have the same problem, but it did happen when GR process.

Thanks before.

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In my message Mr.Mar has given clear information on PBET activaltion and its working.

Still if you have any concerns please let me know the complete informaltion.