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Intercompany Transaction in Funds Management

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Dear SAP Expert,

I have implemented and activated FM module in SAP for several company codes only.

When we trying to post intercompany transaction between two companies (one company was activate FM and the other was not) an error occured.

example of intercompany transaction i want to post are as follows:

Dr. Expense CoCd A (FM active)

Cr. Bank CoCd B (FM not active)

Dr./Cr. Interco transaction

The company code B require assignment to FM Area. But we can't assign FM area to company code B, since it will not use FM module.

Does anyone has ever found this kind of issue? How do you manage intercompany transaction between company that are using FM and not using FM?

Appreciate your response

Best regards,



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'Dr. Expense CoCd A (FM active)

Cr. Bank CoCd B (FM not active)

Dr./Cr. Interco transaction'

If you maintained accounts for IC operation in OBYA, then you have such posting

Dr. Expense CoCd A (FM active)

Cr. IC operation CoCd A

Dr IC operation CoCd B

Cr Bank CoCd B

So you have 2 documents in different CoCd.

So there is shouldn't be any problem