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How can I keep the FM period open but prevent posting to closed GL periods?

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We are looking to keep the FM periods open for value type 54 for all periods to allow parked invoices to be processed after the period containing the related goods receipt is closed in GL and CO.  However, we have noticed that there are journal entries being posted to these closed periods and these journal entries are coming through as value type 54. It looks like the FM period setting is overriding the GL and CO period setting.

How can I keep the FM period open but prevent posting to closed GL periods?


Thomas P. Campbell


Former Member
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FM period setting will not overwrite GL (or CO) perid setting. There are only 4 possible combinations:

GL open / FM open                     =>    all postings go through

GL open / FM open for VT nn     =>     postings for VT nn or w/o FM commitments go through

GL open / FM closed                   =>     only postings without FM commitments go though

GL closed / FM closed                 =>    all  postings do not go through

I believe your scenario is #2: GL open /FM open for VT 54 => all VT 54's go through.



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Hi Ming,

My scenario is actually GL closed/ FM open for VTnn.  There seem to be some period status validations when parking a invoice document that has a related goods receipt document, so we are looking at leaving the period open for VT54.

I also thought that the FM setting wouldn't override the GL/CO period setting.  Nice to have confirmation. This means that there is something else going on that is allowing GL postings to closed periods for documents that post in FM with VT54.



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I think you might want to check how the period is being closed in the GL as there is no closing in the GL by Value Type. To close the GL for journal entries all Account Type S should be closed.



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Thanks everyone for your help. You confirmed that what I expected to happen is what should have happened and so I went looking for something else. Turns out there was an authorization group set up to allow select individuals to post in periods that are closed to everyone else.  The security profile for some of the accounting roles were not updated to reflect these groups.  The authorization object F_BKPF_BUP, field BRGRU was set to "*" which allowed all authorization groups. We created another authorization group that is not associated with any posting period controls and changed BRGRU to that group. Problem solved.