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Help with Commitment plans in contracts with conditions.

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We are creating a contract with ME31k.

We fill a single item for a total value of USD 50,000.

We also fill a header condition for USD 5,000.

When we try to generate a commitment plan, the "target value" is

50,000. It is not taking into account the value of the header condition

for the additional USD 5,000.

It seems that the committement plan cannot be created for the sum of the line + conditions (header or item).

Has any of you any tip on how to include conditions into a committement plan for a contract?



Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hi Diego,

As far as I know, the commitment plan is depending only on the amount of the contract line, and not on the contract overall amount.

Further, I have also this question:

if you enter conditions at header level, and you create several line items, how do you expect the header conditions are handled? should they be splitted proportionally to the line items?...

Thank you!

Kind regards,Mar

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Hi Mar, thanks for your answer.

I have written a customer message for this and SAP answered that the earmarked fund reservation can only be created UP to the value of the contract item. But this value WITHOUT taken into account item conditions.

So for example if we have a contract>

- with a single item for USD 50,000.

- with a single item condition of fixed USD 5,000

The committement plan can generate a funds reservation for a value UP to USD 50,000.

What we need in our company is to create a reservation for USD 55,000 (real value of the item). That is, the value of the line plus the value of the item condition.

We can survive without header conditions.

The business problem is when we create Purchase Orders referenced to this contract. The value of the PO items come with conditions (in this case USD 55,000). But the funds reservation was created only for USD 50.000. Result> big problem!!

So, anybody could overcome this problem?

Thanks for your help!

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hi Diego,

I have another question for you:

There are different types of item conditions, some of them can increase/decrease the line item value.

So, if you add an item condition, do you see any change in the net price of your line item? If your condition is included in the net value of your line item, then it will be also included in the commitment plan.

Otherwise, it will be used separately.

hope this helps

Kind regards,


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Mar, our conditions are at item level, and are NOT included in the net price. So, the item conditions are calculated separately. For example customs charges, bank charges, etc.